Artists 2010 – Marseille and poetry

Pierre Guéry

Pierre Guéry (born 1965 in Marseille, France) studied Music and Modern Dance and gained a doctorate in Literature and Phonetics. These various strands merge together in his poetic work. Guéry is a performance poet, for whom the most various locations can serve as stages for his reading actions. Madness, illness and mourning are the subjects that define his energetic sound poetry. His performance uses the whole gamut of the voice's possibilities from whistering to screaming, from declamatory recitation to inarticulate sound. Since 2006 he has been a member of the Troupe Poétique Nomade and taking part in events of the Zone d’Intérêt Poétique à Barjols. In 2009, together with Keyvan Sayar, he translated the “Poems of Guantanamo” into French, and he has translated the work of important Beat Poets and Spoken Word artists such as Anne Waldmann and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, from the American.
Publications (a selection):
Scélices, poème visuel, Editions plAine pAge, 1999.
Les cafards, Novelle, Editions Le Mort-Qui-Trompe, 2008.
En quel pays étrange, récit, Maelström Editions, 2009.
Pierre Guéry at ZVAB

Florence Pazzottu

Florence Pazzottu (born 1962 in Marseille, France) lives and works in Marseille. She was the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the journal petite and worked in the centre international de poésie in Marseille. It was during this period that her first poems appeared in anthologies and magazines. In the late 1980s and early 90s, many of her radio plays were broadcast on French radio. Her first novel, “Les heures blanches”, was published in 1992 and was followed by a succession of books of both prose and poetry. Her short story “La Tête de l'Homme” (2008) has already been staged successfully as a play.
Pazzottu often juxtaposes her texts with other art forms, her book “La place du sujet” for instance incorporating photographs by the French media artist and performer Giney Ayme.
Florence Pazzottu will be reading from this book, which deals with the 'Le Panier' district of Marseille, at the 2010 poesiefestival berlin 2010. Photographs by her and Ayme will also be on show.
Publications (a selection):
'Vers ce qui manque', in Venant d’où (4 poètes) - coll. 'poésie' dirigée par Yves di Manno, Flammarion, 2002.
L’Accouchée (récit, avec une postface d’Alain Badiou) - Comp’Act, 2002.
L’inadéquat (le lancer crée le dé), Flammarion, Poésie, 2005.
Place du sujet, avec des photographies de Giney Ayme, éd. l'Amourier, 2007.
'Sator...' , coll. Donc créée par Bernard Noël, éd. Cadastre8zéro, 2007.
'La Tête de l'Homme', coll. Déplacements créée par François Bon, éd. du Seuil, 2008.
Florence Pazzottu at ZVAB