Lydia Daher

Poet and pop musician Lydia Daher thrills literary juries just as much as she does the music press. Her last two poetry books brought her various fellowships and prizes, most recently the 2012 Bavarian Art Promotion Prize. Rolling Stone has praised her ‘damned fine lyrics’. Her music is released on the legendary independent label Trikont. Lydia Daher’s combination of pop and poetry has brought her many appearances at music and poetry festivals, in theatres and in clubs. She and her band have most recently been invited to do concerts in Russia and Algeria by the Goethe Institute.

Daher’s current poetry collection, Insgesamt so, diese Welt was published in 2012 by Voland & Quist, and her latest album, Flüchtige Bürger, was released in 2010. Lydia Daher lives in Augsburg, where she is currently working on her new album.

Kat Frankie mit Band

Kat Frankie Foto: Veronika Nicklaus

When Kat Frankie is on the stage, what we see is an androgynous woman casually strapping on a guitar or putting her hands in her pockets before going up to the mike. And then, when she starts singing, this detachment is transformed into a balancing act at the edge of abysses. Frankie’s dark, virtuoso voice reminds you in its intensity of Annie Lennox or PJ Harvey; her combination of melancholy and energy captivates listeners. “Kat Frankie’s songs are indescribably beautiful,” writes Melodie&Rhythmus. “If you put this CD on you’ll be unable to do anything but listen to it. Not even breathe....”

Even at home in Sydney Kat Frankie was making music on the side while pursuing her career as an interior designer. She has been living in Berlin since 2004. Her debut album Pocketknife came out in 2007. Her second album, The Dance of a Stranger Heart was released on her own label Zellephan in 2010. On her latest album, Please, Don’t Give Me What I Want (2012), Frankie sings a song in German for the first time.

Jens Friebe

Foto: Joachim Zimmermann

The music magazine Uncle Sallys recognised a while ago that Jens Friebe “is one of the best things the German music scene currently has on offer.” With four albums under his belt so far, that has not changed. Friebe still writes some of the cleverest lyrics and catchiest, most danceable tunes in German Indie pop.

His first album, Vorher Nachher Bilder (2004) was highly praised by the press. After In Hypnose“(2005) and Das mit dem Auto ist egal, Hauptsache dir ist nichts passiert (2007), his most recent album is Abändern (2010), which expands even further Friebe’s stylistic breadth encompassing 80s pop, neo-disco and timelessly elegant songs.In 2007 Friebe published 52 Wochenenden. Texte zum Durchmachen, a collection of blog entries with observations on the world in general and Berlin’s bohemian milieu in particular.

For the Poetry Market, Friebe will be appearing in a duo with drummer Chris Immler.

Sorry Gilberto

Sorry Gilberto Foto: Oliver Möst

Seit 2007 ziehen Anne von Keller und Jakob Dobers als Sorry Gilberto von Berlin aus durch die Clubs, Cafés, Theater, Wohnzimmer und Hinterhöfe von Europa und singen von Tapiren, Dächern, Meisterwerken, ausgedachten Akademien und von der Grausamkeit der Kunst. Das klingt immer wie gerade erst erfunden, doch ist jeder Ton, jede musikalische Haltung  bewusst gewählt. Der Rolling Stone schreibt: „Schön, dass es auch hierzulande Musiker gibt, die wissen, dass man etwas Dilettantisches in etwas Magisches überführen kann. Anne von Keller und Jakob Dobers bewegen sich zwischen zärtlichem Belle-&-Sebastian-Pop und andächtigen Jazz-Folk-Stücken mit traumwandlerischer Sicherheit.“

Nach „Memory Oh“ (2008) und „It Was The Longest Day And We Didn't Know How To End It“ (2010) erschien im letzten Herbst ihr drittes Album „Construction Work & Stormy Weather” (Goldrausch-Records / Rough Trade).

Marion Poschmann

Marion Poschmann © Frank Maedler

Marion Poschmann (b. 1969 in Essen) grew up in Mülheim an der Ruhr and in Essen. She studied German, Philosophy and Slavic Studies, and from 1994 Scenic Writing at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Poschmann has received many prizes and awards for her poetry and prose, including the Peter Huchel Prize and the Ernst Meister Prize for Poetry, the Klopstock Prize for New Literature and the Berlin Literature Prize, which also earned her a guest professorship in German-language poetics at the FU Berlin. Poschmann has been shortlisted twice for the German Book Prize. In 2019 her novel Die Kieferninseln (The Pine Islands) was nominated for the Man Booker International Prize.

Poschmann is a member of the German Academy for Language and Poetry, the Mainz Academy for Sciences and Literature, the Free Academy of the Arts in Hamburg and the PEN Centre Germany. She lives in Berlin.


Publications (selection):

Verschlossene Kammern. Gedichte, zu Klampen, Lüneburg 2002

Grund zu Schafen. Gedichte, Frankfurter Verlags-Anstalt, Frankfurt am Main 2004

Schwarzweißroman. Frankfurter Verlags-Anstalt, Frankfurt am Main 2005

Geistersehen. Gedichte, Suhrkamp, Berlin 2010

Die Sonnenposition. Roman, Suhrkamp, Berlin 2013

Geliehene Landschaften. Lehrgedichte und Elegien. Suhrkamp, Berlin 2016

Die Kieferninseln. Roman, Suhrkamp, Berlin 2017