Born in Berlin in 1983, Amewu experimented even while he was at school with the possibilities of freestyle rap. His texts are multi-layered and honest, aggressive and yet well thought through. They penetrate the listener not only because of the great speed with which der Amewu raps them, but also because of their depth and the melancholy that they reveal. His music has taken him to such places as Bangladesh, Mozambique, Columbia and the Philippines. He also appears as a DJ and leads workshops and writing groups with children and young people.


Entwicklungshilfe (2009)

Ana Tijoux

Ana Tijoux (born in Lille, France, in 1977) has been a star in Latin America for more than a decade. Her lyrics, her flow, her beats and her stage presence have made her one of the few successful female MCs in the international hip hop scene. Tijoux circumvents the linguistic and thematic conventions of Rap, with her largely autobiographical lyrics dealing with the deaths of those close to her, with creative crises, with friendship, love, faith and pain. Her hit Shock criticises the educational policy of the Chilean government and has become a protest anthem of the student movement.

Having grown up in France, where her parents emigrated during the Pinochet dictatorship, she did not return to Chile until after the end of the regime. In Santiago she founded the legendary hip hop formation Makiza, which sets the yardstick for Latin American Rap with its socially critical texts and refined production. Tijoux has been nominated for a Latin American MTV Video Music Award and twice for a Latin Grammy.

Band Makiza:
Vida salvaje
Aerolíneas Makiza

Solo albums:
La Bala

Ana Tijoux Shock (video oficial 2011)