Künstler 2015: Colloquium - Die Zukünfte der Dichtung

LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs

LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs (c) Jose V.

LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, born in 1970 in New York, USA, is a DJane and poet who draws on myths, mixing more than a dozen languages including Maori, Hindi, Urdu und Swahili into an urban, Babylonian song in her texts. Her book TwERK (the title refers to the high art of arse shaking in Hip-Hop) is about reanimated eels and will o’ the wisp baby mosquitoes and the mystical hips of Michael Jackson, who was crowned ‘King Sani’ on the Ivory Coast. Her poem about Suri Cruise makes surprising connections between Björk, alpacas and Scientology.
Even before the publication of her book TwERK gained so much attention, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs had already made a name for herself with numerous chapbooks including Ichi-Ban, Ni-Ban and Manuel is destroying my bathroom. She has also released the album Televisión.

Publications (a selection): Ichi-Ban, MOH Press, 1998; Ni-Ban, MOH Press, 2001; Manuel is destroying my bathroom, Belladonna, 2004; TwERK, Belladonna, 2013; Music: Televisión (album) 2003

Ricardo Domeneck

Ricardo Domeneck (c) Tom Harmony

Ricardo Domeneck, born in 1977 in Bebedouro, São Paulo, lives and works in Berlin as a writer and translator. So far he has published five books of poems in Brazil and is a co-editor of the literary journal Modo de usar & Co. Domeneck has been invited to festivals in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Brussels, Córdoba, Dubai, Lublijana, Madrid, Medana and Sevilla. With a combination of reading and performance he has also been as guest in the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro and the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid. His bilingual selection Körper: ein Handbuch appeared in 2014 from the Berlin publisher Verlagshaus J. Frank.

Steven J. Fowler

Steven J. Fowler (c) Alexander Kell

Steven J. Fowler, born 1983 in Truro, Cornwall, studied at the University of Durham and the University of London, Birkbeck College. He has published 6 poetry collections among 21 publications, including books in boxes, chapbooks and poetry posters. His poetry and artworks include asemic writing, calligrams, concrete poetry and sound poetry, as well as sonic art, installation, performance art, fiction and visual art. He has been translated into 13 languages and performed at venues across the world, from Mexico City to Erbil, Iraq. Fowler lives in London.

Kenneth Goldsmith

Kenneth Goldsmith (c) Oscar Turco

Kenneth Goldsmith is one of the stars of conceptional literature in the USA. Born in 1961 in Freeport, New York, he lives in New York City. Goldsmith works with many different experimental approaches, expanding with verve and humour the boundaries of what we are used to considering as literature. This has brought him not just 40,000 followers on Twitter but also a Guest Professorship at Princeton University. Goldsmith was also the first Poet Laureate of the MoMA in New York and in 2011 read at a Celebration of American Poetry attended by President and Mrs. Obama in the White House. In 1996 he founded UbuWeb, an Internet platform for avant-garde films, sound and poetry. Goldsmith has published numerous books of poetry and essays.

Léonce W. Lupette

Leonce W. Lupette (c) Timo Berger

Léonce W. Lupette lives in Buenos Aires and Frankfurt am Main and works as a writer, freelance translator (Spanish, Portuguese, English and French) and literary scholar. He studied Comparative Literature, Latin American Studies and Philosophy and is a co-founder of the literature magazine Alba – Lateinamerika lesen and the luxbooks.latin series. He is the ‘governor’ of the ‘overseas dependencies of the Schöneberg Poetry Miners’ Guild’ (Lyrikknappschaft) and together with Konstantin Ames, Tobias Amslinger and Norbert Lange edits the online literary journal karawa.net. His most recent book of poems is Tablettenzoo (luxbooks 2013).

Tristan Marquardt

Tristan Marquardt (c) Katja Zimmermann

Tristan Marquardt, born 1987 in Göttingen, is a member of the Berlin poetry collective G13, which he co-founded in 2009. In this capacity, parallel to his own writing, he writes collaborative texts with other poets. Some of these texts were published by the SuKuLTuR Press in October 2013 under the title das war absicht. Together with Tillmann Severin he has been organising the reading series ‘meine drei lyrischen ichs’ (my three lyrical Is) in Munich since 2012, and he is also active in the project Lust auf Lyrik by the Munich Poetry Cabinet. Marquardt’s first solo collection das amortisiert sich nicht was published by kookbooks, Berlin, in 2013.

Cia Rinne

Cia Rinne © Vincent Barras

Cia Rinne, born in 1973 in Göteborg, Sweden, grew up in Germany and studied Philosophy, History and Languages in Frankfurt, Athens and Helsinki. She writes multi-lingual visual and conceptual poetry. Her most recent publication are notes for soloists (2009) and should we blind ourselves and leave thebes / a short history of either or (2013). Her works have been shown in such places as the Grimmuseum in Berlin and with Signal in Malmö as well as the 16th Print Triennale in the Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn, where her installation the letter i see received an award.

Dr. Peer Trilcke

Dr. Peer Trilcke (c) Jana Wolf

Dr. Peer Trilcke, born 1981, is currently deputing for Heinrich Detering as the Professor of Modern German Literature and Comparative Literature at the University of Göttingen. He gained his doctorate in 2011 with a thesis on Thomas Kling, which earned him the Christian- Gottlob Heyne Prize in 2012. Until 2013, Trilcke headed together with Detering the project Historical Poetry by the Working Group for the Poetics of Poetic Literatures. He co-edits Litlog. Göttinger eMagazin für Literatur – Kultur – Wissenschaft and since 2006 has organised the Göttingen Lichtenberg Poetics Lectures. Since 2007 he has also published journalism in the Frankfurter Rundschau and the journal Literaturen, among others.