Leaping thoughts

and flickering images.

Fri 10.10. 10:30 pm
Cinema 2
Tickets 6,50 EUR

Poetry in the Age of Cinematography.

With Jan Röhnert poet and literary scholar, Weimar/Sofia

Since the beginnings of moving pictures, since the origins of the cinema with Lumière and Méliès, poetry has been enthralled by film. Apollinaire founded a “Society of Friends of Fantôma”, while Expressionists such as Jakob van Hoddis were addicted to the silver screen, Brecht was a huge Chaplin fan and Rolf Dieter Brinkmann stirred up the German poetry scene in 1968 with his demand for a “film in words”. These days the cinema is a factor in the everyday experience and individual and collective memory explored by poets on both sides of the Atlantic. The question is clear: How did cinema change and influence poetry.