Event: June 2015

08:00 PM

16. poesiefestival berlin

Torah Bible Qur’an – The Poetics of Religion

Event-Picture: Torah Bible Qur’an – The Poetics of Religion Vokalquintett Berlin (c) Vokalquintett
Vokalquintett Berlin (c) Vokalquintett

Theatrale Installation

With Aviv Weinberg (cantor, Berlin), Murat Üzel (priest, Berlin), Mohamed Al-Hakim (qari, Berlin), Oya Erdoğan (writer, Berlin), Leopold von Verschuer (actor and director), Vokalquintett Berlin

The history of the scriptures of the Jews, the Christians and the Moslems is full of interconnections and tensions, touching, coinciding with and opposing each other. What they have in common is that they praise one God and teach comparable values. What they also have in common is that communities of belief are created which ensure compliance as a community with their values by means of prayer, preaching and other aesthetically organised formats.
For instance, all three holy texts include contrasting relations such as light and shade, fire and water and the moment of partaking of the spirit. Such cores of meaning forming each of the religions are followed by the installation as it shows in sensuous ways what is comparable about them. Singer-reciters with a vocation will make audible the echo chamber which the holy books of Judaism, Christianity and Islam together present with each other as works of poetry each with its own tradition of recitation.
The fact that this conversation is at last being understood as a poetic and spiritual three-part harmony is the political message of this evening!.
The members of the Vokalquintett Berlin will be sitting at various places among the audience, emerging from there as a musical counterpoint and echo (its repertoire bringing together texts from the great spiritual traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

In co-operation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Forum Berlin
In co-operation with the Freie Universität Berlin – Collaborative Research Centre ‘Episteme in Motion’.
Director: Leopold von Verschuer, Assistant Director: Jasmin Schäffler, Script consultant: Hannelies Koloska.
Project leader: Andreas Conrad

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