Oya Erdoğan

Oya Erdoğan was born in 1970 in Turkey. She studied Philosophy and Oriental Studies in Vienna. Her first book, Wasser. Über die Anfänge der Philosophie (Water. On the beginnings of philosophy) (Passagen, Wien 2003) brought her into contact not only with philosophers but also with artists and she started writing poems. She took part in the Studio Literatur und Theater Tübingen and likes working with artists from different disciplines such as music, dance, photography and painting. In her sound poem ‘Freude’ (Joy), which appeared in No. 187 of the magazine manuskripte and was insprired by Stockhausen’s piece of the same name, she developed her own forms of recitation and began doing poetic voice performances. Her projects include #bir gezginin# – a performance for the opening of an exhibition by Mahmut Celayir in Istanbul; p’aa – six sound miniatures for six artists of the VBK in Berlin; and the Berlin improvisation trio kel alaka for double bass, Butoh dance and language sound. Her poems are made in German, drawing equally on other languages and cultures, merging periods, religions and myths and weaving images from nature literature and philosophy. Oya Erdoğan lives in Berlin with one foot constantly in Istanbul.