Saturday 03.06.

Anna Blume meets Zuckmayer

Poets Voices 
Venue: Salon at Café Einstein Stammhaus
Time: 11 a. m - 7 p.m.
Tickets: 5/3 EUR

Poetry Talk

The poem and its impact: Rap and the French suburbs
With: La Caution, Olivier Gagnier French Ministery of Culture Sébastien Barrio sociologist Eva Kimminich French and cultural studies specialist
Presented by Florian Werner musician and writer, Berlin
Venue: Maschinenhaus
Time: 5 pm
Tickets: PS 4/2 EUR, BO 5/3 EUR

In a poetry talk, La Caution, Olivier Gagnier of the French Ministry of Culture, the sociologist Sébastien Barrio and the French studies specialist Eva Kimminich will discuss the situation in the French Banlieues, as well as the influence and language of rap.

La Caution

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