three D poetry

Martin Hiendl

Martin Hiendl

Martin Hiendl (b. 1986 in Berlin) is a composer and performer. His work takes place in concert formats as well as performances, installations and inter-disciplinary spaces with instruments mostly in close interplay with electronics. Duration and installative temporality are an important aspect of his work in order to work against the synchronisation of worlds of aesthetic experience and to explore the performativity of the space-time-body relationship in music. He has been in close collaborations for many years with various artists including writer Göksu Kunak, video artist Monica Duncan, stage designer Claudia Doderer, choreographer Julian Weber and ensembles such as the Zafraan Ensemble, the International Contemporary Ensemble or the Ensemble KNM Berlin. Martin Hiendl studied Composition in Frankfurt am Main with Beat Furrer and in San Diego with Roger Reynolds. He is currently working on his doctoral thesis at Columbia University New York with George E. Lewis. His installation opera Paradise was premièred at the 2016 Steirischer Herbst festival and was the inaugural winner of the Johann-Joseph Fux Opera Composition Competition.

Kinga Tóth

Kinga Tóth © Dirk Skiba

Kinga Tóth (b. 1983 in Sárvár, Hungary) is a linguist and (sound) poetry illustrator. She works as a “communication specialist” (journalist) and is a reader for art magazines. Her own artistic work often crosses genre boundaries; she frequently performs her own poetic texts with sound support and has illustrated several of her own volumes of verse. She is also a songwriter and fronts the project Tóth Kína Hegyfalu and is a committee member of the József Attila Circle Literary Association of Young Writers, as well as an active member of numerous other projects and associations.

Fellowship of the Schloss Solitude Academy 2013
Havirov art residency, Czech Republic, Visegrad Project; Móricz Zsigmond Literature Prize 2014
Leipzig Book Fair, Visegrad Program Bratislava, Literaturwerkstatt Berlin 2015
Guest of Goldsmiths University, London; Rosenthal Fellowship Jena, BOSCH-Solitude-Wimmelforschung Art Program, GEDOK Art Fellowship Lübeck 2016
Best Poetry Debut, Haus für Poesie, Berlin 2017
Fellowship of the Literarisches Colloquiums Berlin 2017

Publications in English, German and Hungarian (selection):
Zsúr. Poems with Illustrations, Prae Kiadó 2013
All Machine Poems, Magvető Kiadó 2014
Village 0-24. Poems, Graphics and Sound Art, Melting Books Publisher 2016
Wir bauen eine Stadt. Poems, Graphicsm Photos, Parasitenpresse: Cologne 2016
Party. Poems with Illustrations, Bird LCC Publishing House 2017
Holdvilágképűek, Magvető Kiadó 2017

Julian Weber

Julian Weber © Joel Mu

Julian Weber (b. 1986 in Germany) is a choreographer, dancer and artist. He works intensively on spaces of interaction involving bodies, material and movement. He develops his own work at the interface of choreography and fine art or collaborates with artists such as Meg Stuart, Boris Charmatz and Tino Sehgal. Julian Weber studied at the Braunschweig University of Art, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the Inter-University Centre for Dance, Berlin and at the Theatre School in Amsterdam. In 2015 he won the Berlin Art Prize for his work the tourist.

Ana Laura Lozza

Ana Laura Lozza © Matthias Grübel

Ana Laura Lozza (b. in Bahía Blanca, Argentina) is a Berlin-based choreographer, dancer, performer, sometime dance dramaturge and many times artistic collaborator in and beyond dance projects. Under the label Acá No Hay Delivery (Buenos Aires-Berlin) and together with her artistic partner and longstanding friend Bárbara Hang, she creates and produces works in collaboration as well as individually. Their last choreographic work "Arcadia" (2017) deals with a space where words, objects and people negotiate an imperfect and fragile equilibrium. She works in South America and Europe. She is also part of the Berliner Garage studio collective. More about her work in

Tian Rotteveel

Tian Rotteveel © Jakub Wittchen

Tian Rotteveel graduated music composition at the Royal Conservatory of Holland and dance and choreography at HZT in Berlin. Working as a composer, choreographer and performer based in Berlin. Made 4 stage works so far. In his work he treats sound and movement both as a process which can materialize into meaning, but as well can materialize into mere sensation. Tian understands choreography as the choreography of attention and organizes the attention of sound, movement and voice in such way they can freely interchange each other and able to produce new “dreamlanguages” and “dreamdances”.
He is currently developing a new work at K3 center for choreography in Hamburg researching the choreographic possibilities of performing sound as a way of (replacing) speaking. Tian has been collaborating with Diego Gil, Herman Heisig, Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Willy Prager, Lea Martini, Jeremy Wade, Tino Seghal, Martin Nachbar and others.

Érica Zíngano

Érica Zíngano

Érica Zíngano (b.1980 in Fortaleza, Brazil) reflects with humour in the library, at home and in the pavement on her own poetic creation. In her poems and other visual works Érica Zíngano underlines the everyday with a marked rhythmicality, using apparently banal images in order to uncover the tensions within language. Without false modesty she interrogates the literary tradition – Camões, Madame Bovary, but also the Guinness Book of Records as well as Google become sources for her ambiguous poems. Érica Zíngano has taken part in several poetry festivals and readings, including the reVERSible project at the 2012 poesiefestival berlin. In 2014, together with Brazilian artist and performer Luísa Nóbrega and Argentinean poet and artist Cristian Forte (and others) she won first prize in the international literature festival SOUNDOUT – New Ways of Presenting Literature run by the Lettrétage literature centre in Berlin-Kreuzberg. For 2018 she was awarded a working fellowship for non-German-language literature by the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe of the Land Berlin.

fio, fenda, falésia, 2010
Pé-de-Cabra ou Rabo de Saia – eis uma Dúvida cruel!, 2012
Ich weiß nicht warum – Zeichnungen und Texte für Unica Zürn, hochroth: Berlin 2013
eine Sache für eine andere, bulky news press 2017– a collective book with Lotti Thießen, Nathalie Quintane, Marion Breton, Rob Packer, Odile Kennel, Mercedes M. and Marília Garcia.