Berlin Poetry Lecture

Sergio Raimondi

Sergio Raimondi ©Timo Berger

Sergio Raimondi

Sergio Raimondi (b. 1968 in Bahía Blanca, Argentinien) is the poet of the globalised world and at the same time its most radical critic. His poetry is like a “muscle that can abstract”. In just a very few lines he can break down the fundamental questions of political economy to a slice of bread. His texts draw their power from a contorted syntax that leads with compelling logic to an unfathomable punch line.

His 2001 debut collection Poesía Civil was seen as renewing the literature of his country. It is a work that, according to Arturo Carrera, is in “absolute contact with reality but at the same time cleanses the language of our age”. His second collection, an infinite work in progress, is an, encyclopaedic project entitled For an Annotated Dictionary. A selection appeared in German translation in 2012 from Berenberg Verlag under the title Für ein kommentiertes Wörterbuch. The whole world finds its way into this book, whether the use of threefold enriched uranium, industrial melanism in peppered moths or the impact of heavy water factories on the nest-building of little blue herons.


Für ein kommentiertes Wörterbuch, Berenberg Verlag 2012

Zivilpoesie, Reinecke und Voß 2017