The finalists of the 31st open mike


21 authors will read at this year's open mike – competition for young literature from November 3 to 5, 2023 at Heimathafen Neukölln. Thirteen texts are nominated for prose and eight for poetry.


Maria Conrad (Hildesheim / DE), Lisa James (Cologne / DE), Florian Kranz (Brussels / BE), Miedya Mahmod (Bochum / DE), Hans Schimmerohn (Berlin / DE), Vincent Siegel (Berlin / DE), Katrin Thenhausen (Potsdam / DE), Anile Tmava (Berlin / DE)


Eva Burmeister (Leipzig / DE), Salvatore Calanduccia (Frankfurt am Main / DE), AnnPhi Fritz (Berlin / DE), Anja Gmeinwieser (Fürth / DE), Kenan Kokic (Wien / AT), Nils Langhans (Berlin / DE), Nils Nußbaumer (Bottrop, Bregenz / DE), Alexandra-Maria Pipos (Bielefeld / DE), Christina Poggel (Hirschberg an der Bergstraße / DE), Beatrix Rink (Munich / DE), Susanne Romanowski (Berlin / DE), Mario Schemmerl (Graz / AT), Simon Schmidt (Dresden / DE)

Authors not older than 35 whose texts have not yet been published were eligible to apply. Submissions could be either prose or poetry, each in German or translated into German. The shortlist jury, i.e. Alexandru Bulucz (Poet & Critic), Dinçer Güçyeter (Publisher & Editor ELIF Verlag), Sebastian Guggolz (Publishing Director & Editor Guggolz Verlag), Katharina Holzmann (Publishing Director & Editor Korbinian Verlag), Miryam Schellbach (Publishing Director & Editor Claassen Verlag), Laura Weber (Editor Hanser Berlin) and Sophie Priester (Editor Suhrkamp Verlag), selected the finalists from the more than 500 submitted texts.

At the finale in November, the open mike jury, Shida Bazyar, Senthuran Varatharajah and Anja Zag Golob, will assign three awards. The awards are endowed with a total of € 7,500. In addition, the taz audience jury will award a text that will be printed in the taz.

All shortlisted texts will be published in an anthology which will be available on site during the open mike.

More information about the open mike will be published in the coming weeks on and