Event: June 2016

Fri 3/6/16
Sat 11/6/16

Franz Schubert/Wilhelm Müller/Kornél Mundruczó

The Winter Journey


Franz Schubert/Wilhelm Müller/Kornél Mundruczó

The poesiefestival berlin is showing an impressive video montage by the well-known Hungarian film, theatre and opera director Kornél Mundruczó on the music of the Winter Journey by the composer Franz Schubert to texts by Wilhelm Müller. Mundruczó has filmed footage of the refugee crisis in Budapest and assembled it with film material he had already gathered in the refugee camps in Romania and Hungary. In 2015 he then added footage of the events in and around Budapest railway station. The installation shows us just for a moment the refugees in close-up, as individuals and not as an anonymous mass. We see people who have lost everything and hardly even possess their own identities any more. Although they remain anonymous in these images, they are given a face. They look at us full of expectation, questioning and challenging.

Freedom of language movement

The diversity of languages in South Asia comes to life for viewers in this sound and video installation. 35 poets from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka recite a sentence by Walter Benjamin in their own languages for this multi-media project by the Goethe Institute Mumbai.

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