Artists 2016:1 × Schubert, 2 × Müller – A Winter Journey

Corinna Harfouch

Corinna Harfouch (c) Dirk Dunkelberg

Corinna Harfouch (born in Suhl in 1954) is one of Germany’s best-known actors. She studied at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art in Berlin. In 1982 she was given her start by Heiner Müller as Lady Macbeth of Karl-Marx-Stadt in a Volksbühne production: “Müller gave me the gift of self-confidence on the stage. A gift for life!” As well as theatre work with Heiner Müller, her main acting highlights have been with the directors Jürgen Gosch (including Wer hat Angst vor Virginia Woolf (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf) 2004, Die Möwe (The Seagull) 2008) and Fritz Marquardt. She garnered special praise for her portrayal of General Harras in Frank Castorf‘s production of Carl Zuckmeyer’s Des Teufels General in 1997. She has also worked in the theatre with such directors as Herbert Fritsch (Die Physiker 2013, King Arthur 2016), Jan Bosse (Herbstsonate 2015) and Stephan Kimmig (Wassa Schelesnowa 2014) and undertaken her own projects (Etel Adnan’s In einer Kriegszeit leben).
She has worked in films with such directors as Michael Gwisdek, Matthias Glasner and Hermine Huntgeburth. Most recently Corinna Harfouch has been seen on television in Der Fall Bruckner (2014) and in the cinema in This Is Love (2008), as well as in the theatre production by Tom Kühnel and Jürgen Kuttner of Heiner Müller’s Der Auftrag (Recklinghausen/Hanover 2015). She was awarded the 2014 Günter Rohrbach Film Award for her work. In 2015 she received the Berlin Theatre Prize, the Grimme Prize and the German Actors’ Prize.

Nino Sandow

Nino Sandow (c) Liane Paetz

Nino Sandow (born in Berlin in 1961) studied opera singing and directing at the Hanns Eisler School of Music from 1982–1993 and attended the foundation seminar at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art in Berlin from 1985–1986. This was followed by his first engagements as a soloist in the Komische Oper Berlin and the Hans Otto Theatre in Potsdam. In 1992 Sandow was engaged by Peter Zadek at the Berliner Ensemble, where he was an actor until 1998. In 1993 he was a director in the Workshop of the Berlin Schiller Theatre. His work as an actor, in film and as a director, as well as solo programmes such as Winter Journey a cappella, throughout Germany, Europe and America bear witness to the diversity of his work. Since 2006 Nino Sandow has been Professor of Scenic Acting at the Hanns Eisler School of Music in Berlin. He can shortly be seen on stage in the Schauspiel Frankfurt in Rainald Grebe’s production of Struwwelpeter.
Winterreise – Coverversion 24 Lieder (with book). 2005
Brecht Majakowski Hans Albers (with Jens-Karsten Stoll). Freibank Musikverlage 1999
Alzheimer Chaussee. Musik wird niemals langsam(with Max Goldt and Michael Dubach). 1990

Kristin Schulz

Kristin Schulz (c) Michael Wagener

Kristin Schulz (born in Jena in 1975) is a curator, poet and translator. She studied Modern German Literature, Theatre Studies and French at the Humboldt University in Berlin, where she has been a research fellow in the German Literature Institute since 2002 and has been the director of the Heiner Müller Archive/Transit Room since 2008. Kristin Schulz has been involved in several projects to edit the works of Heiner Müller or has herself been the editor, including her work from 1998 to 2011 on the Heiner-Müller Collected Works edited by Frank Hörnigk and published by Suhrkamp Verlag. For the Heiner Müller Tondokumente (sound documents) she published she won the German Hörbuchpreis (audio book prize) in 2012 in the category Best Information. For the 17th poesiefestival berlin she is curating a Winter Journey (Franz Schubert & Wilhelm Müller) confronted with texts by Heiner Müller.
As a poet, Kristin Schulz takes her readers to the end after the end in her book Gesammelte Fehlmärchen (Collected Mis-Fairy Tales). “What makes the texts impressive is the way they do not give up the model of identification that dominates in fairy tales and in other popular prose,” as Jan Kuhlbrodt has written. Her blank verse also leads the critic to see a connection to Heiner Müller. As a translator she has translated prose and plays from French, including by Jean Genet, Philippe Malone and Claudine Galea.

Publications (selection):
Aufzählung aufs Ganze. Edition Rothahndruck 2015
‘Beutezinken‘ (in: doch: Grenzen, Zeiten, Räume – ein Brückenprojekt, with Urs Jaeggi, Ilma Rakusa, Mikhail Shishkin et al). edition clandestin 2015
Gesammelte Fehlmärchen. gutleut verlag 2014
dauerlandschaft. 14 tracks (with Michael Wagener, Arnfrid Astel and Marcus Roloff). gutleut verlag 2014
Das Elsterneinmaleins (prose). Tisch 7 2005

As editor (selection):
Heiner Müller: Warten auf der Gegenschräge. Gesammelte Gedichte. Suhrkamp 2014
Thomas Brasch: Die nennen das Schrei (with Martina Hanf). Suhrkamp 2013
MÜLLER MP3. Heiner Müller Tondokumente 1972–1995. Alexander Verlag 2011