Artists 2016: Songs, Grooves, Gedachte A Flemish-Dutch evening

Tsead Bruinja

Tsead Bruinja (c) Tineke de Lange

Tsead Bruinja (born in Rinsumageest, the Netherlands in 1974) is a poet and lives in Amsterdam. His 2000 debut was De wizers yn it read (The meters in the red), a collection written in Frisian. His first collection in Dutch, Dat het zo hoorde (The way it should sound), was published in 2003 and was nominated for the Jo Peters Poetry Prize the following year. Bruinja edits anthologies, writes criticism and organises literary events, such as the open-air festival Dichters in de Prinsentuin (Poets in the Garden of the Prince). He frequently collaborates with artists in other genres, such as the musician Jaap van Keulen and the Flamenco dancer Tanja van Susteren. At the end of 2008 he was nominated as Dichter des Vaderlands 2009–2013, a Dutch title inspired by the ‘poet laureate’. Bruinja came second.

Publications (selection):
Overwoekerd. Uitgeverij Cossee 2010
De geboorte van het zwarte paard (Dutch-Frisian). Uitgeverij Cossee 2008
Kutgedichten (with Daniël Dee). Uitgeverij Passage 2004
Gegrommel fan satyn (Gegrommel van satijn). Uitgeverij Bornmeer 2003

Broeder Dieleman

Broeder Dielemann

Broeder Dieleman (born in Axel, the Netherlands, in 1976) is the pseudonym of Dutch singer-songwriter Tonnie Dieleman. In his songs, which combine elements of alternative rock and folk music, Dieleman wanders through the landscapes his ancestors were born in, like primeval birds seeking light and salvation on the sea. He sings in the dialect of his homeland, Zealand-Frisian, and calls to his ancestors for them to help him perform the new customs. He sings and plays banjo.

Gloria. 2014
Brasil.Single. 2014
Klein Zieltje. EP. 2013
Land van Verandering. 2013
Alles is IJdelheid. 2012

Frank Keizer

Frank Keizer (c) Koen Broos

Frank Keizer (born in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands in 1987) is a poet, critic and editor. He is regarded as one of the most promising young poets in the Netherlands. Keizer has performed at the Transpoesie festival and the Passa Porta Festival in Brussels. He is a co-editor of the online magazine Samplekanon and the Flemish literary journal nY. He has published and edited several collections of translations into Dutch of poems by Monika Rinck, Ricardo Domeneck, Martín Gambarotta and Chus Pato. He has also translated the American poet Rob Halpern into Dutch in collaboration with Samuel Vriezen. Frank Keizer studied Dutch Literature at the University of Amsterdam, where he now lives and works.

Onder normale omstandigheden. Uitgeverij Polis 2016
Mijn eigen problemen. Uitgeverij Stanza 2015
Dear world, fuck off, ik ga golfen. Uitgeverij Stanza 2012

Jan Klug

Jan Klug (c) Henk Veenstra

Jan Klug was born in Aachen, Germany in 1971 and is an artist, musician, media designer and university lecturer who has lived in the Netherlands for more than twenty years. He works mainly on multi-media projects, mostly in the areas of music, video, programming and art. He plays soprano and tenor saxophone, flute, pataphone and theremin. He is also a tutor on the MADtech Masters Programme at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen (FMI).
In his music he uses electronic effects to transform the sounds of his “real” instruments into a new instrument of his own making. His DD3 digital delay effect pedal is crucial for this, enabling him to create new sound landscapes live on stage. He learned his craft at the Amsterdam Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music and at the Institute for Sonology in Den Haag and has used it to develop a special multi-dimensional set-up to create his own unique electronic style, the hybrid instrument.

Music Played On A Monday (with Kasper van Hoek). 2012
Waiting Is A Linear Time Machine Without Parts (with Kasper van Hoek and Jan Klees Helms/StrangSting). 2011
Frank 4 (with Kasper van Hoek, Corneel Canters and Michael Dotolo). 2010

Els Moors

Els Moors (c) Gelya Bogatischcheva

Els Moors (born in Poperinge, Belgium, in 1976) published her debut poetry collection, Er hangt een hoge lucht boven ons (There is a tall sky above us), in 2006. Flemish and Dutch critis were thrilled that here at last was a promising young Flemish poet. The book was nominated for the C. Buddingh’ prize and received the Herman de Coninck prize for the best debut. The poet observes and registers with the eye of a photographer, and these observations are reflected in her kaleidoscopic poems; arbitrarily juxtaposed, they offer no firm hold but form a world in which language plays the leading role. Els Moors has also published the novel Het verlangen naar een eiland (2008), three short stories and a letter in Vliegtijd (2010). Her long-awaited second collection of poems, Liederen van een kapseizend paard was published in 2013 and nominated for the 2016 Herman de Coninck prize. It is being published in Germany in Christian Filips’ German translation from Brüterich Press in 2016.

Lies van Gasse

Lies van Gasse

Lies Van Gasse (born in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium in 1983) debuted in 2008 with Het zelfde gedicht steeds weer (The same poem over and over again), a collection that attracted great attention from both readers and critics. As a fine artist, Van Gasse works on many inter-disciplinary art-and-poetry projects including the Foundling Kaspar Hauser with Annemarie Estorzu. In her poems she creates idiosyncratic combinations of text and image that she calls ‘graphic poems’.

Publications (selection):
Een stem van paardenhaar (A voice of horsehair). Azul Press 2014
Wenteling (Revolution). Wereldbibliotheek 2013
Het boek Hauser (The book of Hauser).Wereldbibliotheek 2013
Brak de waterdrager (Broke the water-carrier). Wereldbibliotheek 2011
Waterdicht (Waterproof). Wereldbibliotheek 2011
Sylvia. Wereldbibliotheek 2010
Het zelfde gedicht steeds weer (The same poem over and over again).Wereldbibliotheek 2008