Event: June 2015

05:30 PM

16. poesiefestival berlin

Poetry Talk: Elena Fanailova – never again will I find a land like this

Event-Picture: Poetry Talk: Elena Fanailova – never again will I find a land like this Elena Fanailova (c) Alexander Tjagny-Rjadno
Elena Fanailova (c) Alexander Tjagny-Rjadno

Lection & Talk

Elena Fanailova (poet, Russia) in conversation with Eugene Ostashevsky (poet, Berlin)

Elena Fanailova (b. 1962 in Russia) is a political poet in the emphatic sense, as a proponent of a new form of littérature engagée, but with no ideological leaning. Her poems are complex in their language and ideas and speak of her country’s crises and wars from the Second World War to Afghanistan, Chechenya and the Ukraine conflict. At the same time, Fanailova is a master of extremely personal poems of remembrance of wonderful tenderness.
The poet Eugene Ostashevsky will be talking to Elena Fanailova about the “effect of the native language / in the country of nature reserves” and about the current political situation in Russia.

Interpreting will be available for the event.

With the kind support of The Mandala Hotel, ECHOO Conference Interpreting
Project leaders: Alexander Gumz and Matthias Kniep

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