Singer Songwriter

Zoltán Beck

Zoltan Beck c_Petra Kirschner

Zoltán Beck (born in 1971 in Ajka, Hungary) is a singer, guitarist and songwriter with the alternative-rock band 30Y, which he formed in 2000 with his brother László Beck. The band has released ten albums and its concerts are regularly sold out in Hungary. In 2012 Beck was voted Songwriter of the Year. He writes his own lyrics and sets poems by contemporary Hungarian poets to music. He teaches Roma Studies at the University of Pécs.

Dicsőség. 2016
Best of 30Y (platinum!). 2015
Bezzeg a kurva Beckek. 2013
30Y. 2014
Szentimentálé. 2012
Városember. 2010
No.4. 2008
Semmi szédítő magasság. 2007
Csészényi tér. 2006
Egy perccel tovább. 2004

Dota Kehr

Dota Kehr c_Sandra Ludewig

Dota Kehr (born in 1979 in Berlin) has not yielded one jot of her artistic freedom. On the contrary, she sings the blunt truth when she needs to. And the refugee problem and the destruction of the environment are that need. Her poetry burns, is honed to razor-sharpness and not a single syllable can be misunderstood. Musically and in content her songs beat with the pulse of the times, talking about human fear of uncertainty in a time and a world in which there is nowhere left where we can be safe from our own doubts and worries and from anger. She is driven by the desire to change things. Dota Kehr looks for starting points and ways out and finds escape routes and viewpoints. She presents the songs written on that search together with her guitarist Jan Rohrbach.

Überall Konfetti – live. 2016
Keine Gefahr. 2016
Wo soll ich suchen. 2013
Das große Leuchten – live (Dota und die Stadtpiraten). 2011
Solo live. 2011
Bis auf den Grund (Dota und die Stadtpiraten). 2010
Schall und Schatten. 2009
In anderen Räumen – live (Dota und die Stadtpiraten). 2008
Immer nur Rosinen (Dota as Kleingeldprinzessin). 2006
Blech + Plastik (Dota und die Stadtpiraten). 2005
Taschentöne – live (Dota und die Stadtpiraten). 2004
Mittelinselurlaub - Perto da Estrada (Dota & Dan, with Danilo Guilherme). 2003
Kleingeldprinzessin. 2003

Kristi Stassinopoulou

Kristi Stathis c_Dionissis Stefanopoulos

Kristi Stassinopoulou (born in 1956 in Athens, Greece) and Stathis Kalyviotis (born in 1965 in Athens, Greece) have been on the stage together for many years. Kristi Stassinopoulou is a singer and writes lyricism and her long-term partner Stathis Kalyviotis composes and arranges the music and is a multi-instrumentalist. Together they have released six albums which have done well in the world music charts.
Kristi Stassinopoulou’s songs deal with being on the move and with life on remote Greek islands. On her latest album NYN she deals with the Greek crisis. Her lyrics combine with the music, a unique blend of traditional Greek rhythms with electronic music, to produce a penetrating mix that Stassinopoulou and Kalyviotis have performed at festivals all over the world, including the Montreal International Jazz Festival Canada, the Mostra de Artes Mediterrâneo in São Paulo and the Womex in Essen, as well as in the Kennedy Centre in Washington, USA. They have played radio concerts for the BBC, the Funkhaus Europa, Radio Bremen and many others.

NYN. 2016
Greekadelia. 2012
Taxidoscopio. 2007
The Secret of the Rocks. 2003
Echotropia. 1999
Ifantokosmos. 1997

Will Varley

Will Varley c_privat

Will Varley (born in 1987 in London, Great Britain), a folk-anti-folk singer from Kent in the south of England, has been playing to sold-out audiences in London since the release of his third album. In early 2017 he toured the USA with Frank Turner. His success is not surprising. His songwriting shifts the boundaries of the ‘one man and a guitar‘ genre, with sound and expression a serendipity. His lyrics are comments on politics and society and a call to protest, but because of his screwball humour are never depressing.

Kingsdown Sundown. 2016
Postcards From Ursa Minor. 2015
As The Crow Flies. 2013
Advert Soundtracks. 2011