Carsten Schneider: Deconstruction in Word and Sound

Carsten Schneider

Carsten Schneider c_ Der Tagesspiegel, Doris Spiekermann-Klaas

Carsten Schneider (born in 1971 in Bad Oldesloe) is a collector, poet and artist. He is a deconstructionist in the grand style. He gets the materials for his collaged picture and sound poems from the Tagespiegel newspaper and from Deutschlandradio. His works have such titles as Die S-Laute eines Tages (The S Sounds of a Day) or Die Gefahren eines Jahres (The Dangers of a Year). His studio has been described as a “gigantic word store, a giant alphabet soup, a paradise of cuttings, disguised as an old-fashioned new modern hobby room”. Carsten Schneider has also written prose and many plays for stage and radio.