Event: June 2019

11:00 AM

Forum: Hate, Fake, Rage. On loss of trust, toxification of discourse and poetic resistance

Event-Picture: Forum: Hate, Fake, Rage. On loss of trust, toxification of discourse and poetic resistance Philipp Hübl © Juliane Marie Schreiber
Philipp Hübl © Juliane Marie Schreiber

Lection & Talk

Fake news, populist propaganda, rage and hate messages are increasingly characterising public discourse, expressed in language that is brutalised and full of violence and erases individuality and ambivalence. At the same time, trust is disappearing in institutions such as political parties and the media. The participants in the Forum will be discussing the causes of these developments and how they can be resisted – socially, politically and poetically.

Information regarding the languages at the forum:
The lecture 11 AM is being held in Italian and will be translated to German. The panel discussion 12.30 PM is German with English translation. The readings and the talk 1.45 PM are being held in German and English.

11 a.m.

The coming language: dialect, bilingualism and poetry

Lecture by Giorgio Agamben (Italy) philosopher

Introduction by Asmus Trautsch (Germany) philosopher and poet

A lecture on the idea of a coming language in which the past is called on, and on the bilingualism that is constitutive for Italian poetry, an alliance  and a conflict between the grammatically ordered written language and the dialect as the “purely oral moment of language” (Pasolini). 

Italian-German translation will be available for the lecture by Giogrio Agamben.

12.30 p.m.

Fake News, Bullshit, Lies: on means of manipulation and ways of enlightenment

With Patrick Gensing (Germany) journalist and head of the online portal faktenfinder| Johannes Hillje (Germany) political advisor | Philipp Hübl (Germany) philosopher

Presenter: Asmus Trautsch

The rise of populist parties and groupings is scarcely imaginable without the use of digital propaganda. Lies and a cavalier attitude to the truth are eroding the forms and norms of democratic openness. This panel discussion will be shedding light on the background to these phenomena and asking how they can be effectively countered.

English-German interpreting will be available for this talk.

1.45 p.m.

Writing poetry in and against discourse: toxification of language and poetic resistance

Reading and talk with Dagmara Kraus (Germany) poet | Márió Z. Nemes (Hungary) poet | Nilay Özer (Turkey) poet

Presenter: Tanja Dückers (Germany) poet and journalist

How does poetry deal with the brutalisation of public discourse? What is its power of resistance grounded in? A poetic exchange on language change in the public sphere and in politics in the digital age.

English-German interpreting will be available for this talk.


Curator: Asmus Trautsch

Project leader: Hendrik Schnittker

The Forum: Hate, Fake, Rage. On Loss of Trust, Toxification of Discourse and Poetic Resistance is presented with the kind support of the Central Federal Office for Political Education, the Italian Culture Institute Berlin, the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin and ECHOO Konferenzdolmetschen.

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