PRISM: Interrelations

Saturday, 5.11. 7.30 pm, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei

Hosted by: Ricardo Brunn

Alongside the International Competition, the festival offers an insight into the sheer diversity of the poetry film scene in nine programs featuring about 100 animations, feature films, experimental films, and documentaries. With modern myths and well-known fairy tales, filmmakers and poets explore urban space or report on destinies and adventures. Films offer a platform for female voices from over seven centuries. Urban and natural landscapes are scrutinized, explored, rediscovered. A new focus on social interaction, where a dot on the forehead, an impairment, origin, sexual orientation or skin color continuously trigger conflict.

Content note: The films in this programme may contain explicit depictions of physical and/or psychological violence as well as various kinds of assault. Please be aware that these depictions may trigger survivors and may thus prove harmful to their mental health.

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