ZEBRA Colloquium

Sunday, 6.11. 11 am, Haus für Poesie

War and flight - Poetry as coping strategy?


Iva Kiya (poet, Ukraine)

Kateryna Mishchenko (writer, Ukraine)

Dr. Bohdan Tokarskyi (University Potsdam, Ukraine)

Prof. Dr. Annette Werberger ( European University Viadrina, Germany)

Hosted by Alexander Kratochvil


The event languages are German and Ukrainian. The event will interpreted.


This year's ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival is dedicated to the cross-cutting themes of war, violence, flight, displacement, forced migration, as well as transgenerational trauma in poetry and poetry film. The festival’s national focus is dedicated to Ukraine.

Prof. Dr. Annette Werberger approaches this topic in her research from a literary-historical perspective, including in her transregional study “Border Narratives in Transnational Spaces.” Dr. Bohdan Tokarskyi researches the intersections of poetry, psychology, and philosophy, as in his current seminar, “Poetic Resistance in Ukraine: From Empire to War.”

In conversation with poets Iva Kiya and Kateryna Mishchenko, they will explore the extent to which poetry and poetry film can serve as coping strategies.

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