Call for entries for the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2022

In 2022, the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival is inviting entries for the International Poetry Film Competition! Eligible for entry are short films, based on poems of no more than 15 minutes duration, produced in or after 2021. All languages are allowed. The competition winners will be awarded prize money.

A program committee will select films for the International Competition and for all other festival programs. The winning films will be chosen by a jury composed of representatives from the worlds of poetry, film, and media.  

Open Call for for film adaptations of the festival poem  

In addition to the international competition and the ZEBRINO competition, we also invite submissions based on this year's festival poem, THE HAIRCUT by poet Georg Leß. The poem can be found in text, in audio recordings, and in translation at lyrikline.org. This poem is only to be used and filmed as part of this call for submissions.

This special prize (which will not provide prize money) will be awarded in addition to the main prizes. We will invite the three best film adaptations’ directors to Berlin, where they will be able to present their films and speak with the poet.
Travel and accommodation in Berlin for the three selected directors will be paid for by the Festival.

The 2022 Festival Poem is THE HAIRCUT, by the poet Georg Leß. The poem in text, recording, and in translation is provided by lyrikline.org, the expansive online poetry archive.

Closing date for entries: 1 August 2022 (postmark date)

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