Event: June 2019

08:00 PM

superpowerpoetry: Spoken Word meets Slam Poetry meets Hip Hop

Event-Picture: superpowerpoetry: Spoken Word meets Slam Poetry meets Hip Hop Sarah Kay © privat
Sarah Kay (c) private

Lection & Performance

With Yugen Blakrok (South Africa) MC | Sarah Kay (USA) poet | Francesca Beard (Malaysia & UK) poet | Julian Heun (Germany) poet | Presenter: Julian Heun

“superpowerpoetry” is the concentrated power of Spoken Word heroes from four different continents. On the way from mind to page a bit of energy often gets lost so that the letters on the paper appear powerless. That’s exactly where “superpowerpoetry” comes in, giving words back their dynamism with voices and bodies. The performers perform in the energy field between Slam Poetry, Spoken Word and Hip Hop.

Sarah Kay, the Spoken Word icon from New York, Francesca Beard, one of the most exciting emerging voices from the UK, the South African Yugen Blakrok, who enchants audiences with hip hop and trancelike sounds, and Julian Heun, three times German language Poetry Slam champion. On this evening they will be presenting their texts, rhymed or unrhymed, socially critical or intimate, full of humour or close to tears, uncompromising or tender – experiments in poetic magnetism to recharge the word batteries. Poetry: On.


The event will be taking place in German and English. The texts are available in their original language only.

Project leader: Isabel Aguirre Siemer

Curators: Isabel Aguirre Siemer | Julian Heun


The event superpowerpoetry is presented with the kind support of the German Foreign Ministry.

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