Marta Podgórnik

Marta Podgórnik (c) Wojciech Swierdzewski

Marta Podgórnik, born in 1979 in Sosnowiec, Poland, lives in Gliwice and is a poet, literary critic and editor. The lyrical I in Podgórnik’s poems is not naïve and is not surprised by anything. At a great distance from herself, her own problems and her own writing she deals soberly and critically with reality and does not shy away from getting angry with it. Podgórnik manages to write about sadness, disappointment and lovesickness in a way which is at the same time sadly mordant and humorous.The characters in her poems are often put to the test and find strength in hard irony.
She won a prize in the 1996 Jacek Bierezin Competition and was awarded a fellowship by the Polish Ministry of Culture and nominated for the Paszport Polityki Prize in 2001. Her book of poems Rezydencja surykatek (meerkat residence) earned her the Literature Prize of the City of Gdynia.
Publications (a selection): Próby negocjacji (SPP Łódź 1996), Długi maj (Biuro Literackie 2004),
Opium i Lament (Biuro Literackie 2005), Dwa do jeden (Biuro Literackie 2006), Pięć opakowań (Biuro Literackie 2008), Rezydencja surykatek (Biuro Literackie 2011), Zawsze (Biuro Literackie 2015)