Charlotte Van den Broeck

Charlotte Van den Broeck c_Koen Broos

Charlotte Van den Broeck (born in 1991 in Turnhout, Belgium) is a Flemish poet with her roots in Spoken Word. Her two collections of poems have made her a shooting star of poetry in her home country. Her collection Kameleon earned her the Flemish Herman de Coninck Prize in 2015 for the Best Debut of the Year.
Charlotte Van den Broeck speaks in her poems about familiar domestic scenes, things that fall off edges, Hello Kitty bras and afternoons in relief lettering, and all with a “reluctant ease, / As though everything were just a marble run“, as she writes in her poem ‘Växjö’. Her joint performance with Arnon Grunberg for the opening of the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair gained her a lot of attention. They performed the text Ohne Nabel, composed as a dialogue, in which they swap lines about homeland, origins and identity.

Nachtroer. Singel Uitgeverijen 2016
Kameleon. Singel Uitgeverijen 2015