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lyrikline is unique in the Internet as a multi-lingual platform for poetry. lyrikline brings together the text of the poem, the poet’s voice, the rhythm and sound of the poem, and translations into other languages. You can hear the poet reading her own poem, as you read the poem in its original language, and, thanks to translations, the poem can be understood in many other languages too. lyrikline builds bridges between languages and cultures with poetry.

lyrikline includes almost 14,000 poems by some 1500 poets from more than 80 languages with well over 22,000 translations, with additions to the voices and translations constantly expanding and enriching the website.

Initiated in 1999 by the Literaturwerkstatt Berlin, lyrikline has since 2003 been based on international cooperation. Currently, institutions in more than 40 countries are collaborating in the lyrikline network to present ever more poetry and translate poetry into ever more languages.

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