Event: October 2023

02:00 PM

ZEBRA – MASTERCLASS with Milena Tipaldo

Event-Picture: ZEBRA – MASTERCLASS with Milena Tipaldo Milena Tipaldo (c) privat
Milena Tipaldo (c) privat

What does it mean to translate a poetic image into an animated one? The transition from abstract thought to its translation into a visual image inevitably involves a compromise. What gets lost in this compromise, and what does the drawn image add to the more indefinite nature of thought? The masterclass will reflect on these themes, starting from the analysis of some short films where poetry and image merge, giving shape to what could be defined as "poetic animation." Reflecting on the role that image plays in poetry, we will try to reconstruct the path that thought takes to bring to the surface what is submerged. We will investigate how vision and thought can interact to build a new language. In conclusion, we will try to understand the alphabet of this new language, where the delicate balance between image and word lays the foundations to construct meaning.

The event is held in English. Admission is free. Application required: zebra@haus-fuer-poesie.org

MILENA TIPALDO (born 1985 in Annecy, FR), studied painting at the academy of fine arts in Genoa where she graduated with her first animated experimentations. Afterwards, she moved to Turin to study at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (National School of Cinema). Here she made the graduation short movie “Mamma Mia”, born from a workshop about storytelling made with Joanna Quinn and Les Mills. She moved to Spain to work as character animator at the feature film Psiconautas. Motivated by that experience, she went on working as animator for the short movie Beer at Nerdo studio where she’s still working on other projects. At the same time her artistic research develops in different fields, including animation and contemporary art as well.

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