Event: June 2022

06:00 PM

POETRY IN CONVERSATION REVERSIBLE: Shared language there, German-language here

Event-Picture: POETRY IN CONVERSATION REVERSIBLE: Shared language there, German-language here



With Bjanka Alajbegović Bosnia and Herzegovina | Daniela Chana Austria | Sascha Garzetti Switzerland | Almin Kaplan Bosnia and Herzegovina
Moderation: Max Czollek, Poet and essayist Germany

Poets from multiethnic Bosnia and Herzegovina will speak with their verse-smuggling partners from the Alpine region about their experiences with multilingualism, dialects, and a “common” language. For example: How do poets who were born shortly before the breakup of Yugoslavia experience a “common” linguistic and cultural space, when concepts of “pure” language are always institutionally and nationally imposed in order to exclude and marginalize? And are the linguistic-political realities in Switzerland and Austria entirely free of conflict? Participants will also be asked about their experiences in the translation workshop Versschmuggel.

Conversation in Bosnian and German.

Project leaders: Sladjana Strunk, Theresa Rüger (Assistenz)

POETRY IN CONVERSATION REVERSIBLE: Gemeinsame Sprache dort und deutschsprachiger Raum hier is kindly supported by the S. Fischer Foundation, the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Swiss Cultural Foundation Pro Helvetia, the translation network Traduki, the Kulturno - informativni centar "Budo Tomović" (Montenegro), the Kulturni centar Beograda (Serbia), the Goethe Institut Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Goethe Institut Belgrade and the Hrvatsko društvo pisaca (Croatia). Sincere thanks goes to the music school tomatenklang for generously providing premises for our reVERSible workshops.

The event is part of the poesiefestival berlin: poesiefestival.org

The poesiefestival berlin is a project of the Haus für Poesie in cooperation with the Akademie der Künste, with support from the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

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