Event: Mai 2018

Fri 25/5/18
Thu 31/5/18

19. poesiefestival berlin

Exhibition: Kriwet


Kriwet’s first literary work, Rotor, written in lower-case letters with no punctuation or spaces, is an exploration of language not just in its paradigmatic contexts of meaning but also looking at it as a concrete visual and phonetic material. One of the first of what were later known as multi-media artists, Kriwet took this practice from Concrete Poetry over into other media in the 1960s and 70s, creating sound collages, film montages and serial graphics which he reproduced using print media and circulated, printing linguistic eaw materials and neologisms on to sheets of metal and tarpaulin, and using the distribution mechanisms of advertising while at the same sending up its jargon. What all these works have in common is a concentration on the materiality of language beyond its representative function as a signifier of the meaning of a single, unambiguously determinable signified.


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