Event: June 2015

Sat 20/6/15
Sat 27/6/15

16. poesiefestival berlin

Sound installation: Freude


The installation ‘Freude’ (Joy) expands the poem of the same name by Oya Erdoğan into sound and into the room. Inspired by Karlheinz Stockhausen’s ‘Die 24 Stunden des Tages’ (The 24 Hours of the Day), ‘Joy’ deals with encountering the universal spirit of creation. It finds its expression – liturgical and otherwise – in all cultures and religions. Oya Erdoğan uses this as the starting point. She merges various spiritual traditions, not only in the lines of the poems, but also in the words which combine, marry with sound, unite in syllables of sound and open up new meanings – in German, Latin, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Sanskrit, Hebrew and Greek as well as in pure language sounds, which are for the poet the ‘first language’.
Mario Verandi’s multi-channel sound installation focuses on Oya Erdoğan’s speech performance of ‘Joy’. It uses the phonetic and rhythmic components of her language to form a spatial counterpoint to words, syllables and phrases. Its composition gives the sound poetry of the poem a wider meaning and opens spatially, acoustically and semantically new perceptions of ‘Joy’.

Voice: Oya Erdoğan, Video: Sofía Otero-Àlvarez
With the kind assistance of the Electronic Studios of Berlin Technical University (TU)

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