Event: June 2019

07:30 PM

Cuba: The Poetry of Rumba

Event-Picture: Cuba: The Poetry of Rumba		 Luz de Cuba © Mavel Valdes Campos
Luz de Cuba © Mavel Valdes Campos

Lection & Performance

With Luz de Cuba (Cuba) author and performer | Omar Pérez López (Cuba) poet | Legna Rodríguez Iglesias (Cuba & USA) poet | Victor Rodríguez Nuñez (Cuba & USA) poet

Presenters: Isabel Aguirre Siemer (Germany) literary scholar | Víctor Rodríguez Núñez (USA) Kenyon College

Singing, speaking, rapping or humming – the poetry of Cuba is more critical, more diverse and more attractive than ever. It has developed forms of expression that combine colloquial language and hermetics, ethics and aesthetics, beauty and violence. It is typical of the poetry of the Caribbean that it traditionally and in the present enfolds all other art forms within itself.

The four writers Legna Rodríguez, Victor Rodríguez, Omar Pérez López and Luz de Cuba play with words, rhythms and music.

Legna Rodríguez belongs to “Generation Zero”. In her poems she describes daily life in clear, direct and melodic language. Her work is characterised by absurd humour and playful, sexualised observations of daily life in Cuba and Miami.

Víctor Rodríguez currently teaches at Kenyon College in Ohio. He is one of Cuba’s best-known poets and has published more than 30 collections in Latin America and Europe for which he has won many prestigious prizes. He finds intimacy in distance and habit in constant unavoidable forgetting.

Omar Pérez López confronts all manner of curious things in his poems. He lets the word merge with the melodies and rhythms of rumba. A constant theme in his verse is the myth surrounding the memorialisation of his father, Ché Guevara.

Luz de Cuba aligns her words with electronic music. She herself calls it ‘PoeDance’ – the poetry of multilingualism between Spanish, English and Yoruba, words, rhythms, beats and percussion, always in harmony with the spiritual Afro-Caribbean identity of a sophisticated woman.


The texts for this event are available in German translation.

Project leader: Isabel Aguirre Siemer

The reading and performance Cuba: The Poetry of Rumba is presented with the kind support of the German Foreign Ministry and Instituto Cervantes Berlin.

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