Event: June 2014

08:00 PM

Mostly suitable for English Speakers

Pentecost Night of Poetry Films

Event-Picture: Pentecost Night of Poetry Films


Moderation Thomas Zandegiacomo Del Bel, Media Studies Academic, Berlin

Poetry films are as old as film-making itself. The oldest known poetry film is from 1905 in the USA, and is called “The night before Christmas”. Since the computer has changed our lives, the poetry film has developed into a genre, and with ZEBRA, poetry has its own film festival. The next ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival takes place from 16-19 October 2014. 

We will be screening interesting productions from various decades, and fascinating contemporary works from the whole world.


3 kinematographische texte (Gerhard Rühm, Deutschland 1963)
Bestiarium (Eku Wand, Deutschland 1989)
15th February (Tim Webb, England 1995)
The Old Fools (Ruth Lingford, England 2002)
Der Erlkönig/The Erl-king (Hannes Rall, Deutschland 2003)
Of burning Hills (Jason White, Kanada 2004)
Die Begegnung/The Encounter (Andreas Pieper, Deutschland 2005)
Boy (Welby Ings, Neuseeland 2004)
Letzter Tag der Republik/Last Day of Republic (Reynold Reynolds, Deutschland 2009)
The Art Of Drowning (Diego Maclean, Kanada 2009)
Das Terrbarium/The Terrbarium (Margarita Göbel, Deutschland 2010)
Dialog über Österreich/Dialogue about Austria (Hubert Sielecki, Österreich 2012)
Balada Catalana/Catalan Ballad (Laen Sanches, Frankreich 2010)
Pipene/The Pipes (Kristian Pedersen, Norwegen 2014)

Project Management: Thomas Zandegiacomo Del Bel

Academy of the Arts
Kleines Parkett

Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin

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6/4 EUR

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