Tristan Marquardt

Tristan Marquardt (c) Katja Zimmermann

Tristan Marquardt, born 1987 in Göttingen, is a member of the Berlin poetry collective G13, which he co-founded in 2009. In this capacity, parallel to his own writing, he writes collaborative texts with other poets. Some of these texts were published by the SuKuLTuR Press in October 2013 under the title das war absicht. Together with Tillmann Severin he has been organising the reading series ‘meine drei lyrischen ichs’ (my three lyrical Is) in Munich since 2012, and he is also active in the project Lust auf Lyrik by the Munich Poetry Cabinet. Marquardt’s first solo collection das amortisiert sich nicht was published by kookbooks, Berlin, in 2013.