Peter Mackay

Peter Mackay

Peter Mackay’s (born 1979, Isle of Lewis) texts are influenced by the long and tumultuous history of his birthplace, in which the “names and nouns are relics and scorings of different cultures – Norse, Gaelic, Scottish, Anglo-Saxon”. As such, he writes in Scottish-Gaelic as well as English, and links the traditions of the old languages and the myths and tropes that they transmit, with a present which is marked by constant breaks, a continual changing and remembering.

Mackay has lived in Glasgow, Barcelona, Dublin and Edinburgh and currently works as a lecturer at the University of St. Andrews. In his academic work he has published diverse books on Gaelic, Scottish and Irish poetry and literature. He has translated poems from Spanish, Danish, French and Irish-Gaelic into English.

Mackay was nominated for the “Donald Meek” and “Duais Colmchille” Prizes. His poems have been published in diverse magazines, and his book of poems “Bàta Taigh Bàta / Boat House Boat” is to be published by Acair Press in 2014.


Publications (selected)

From Another Island, Clutag Press 2010
Bàta Taigh Bàta / Boat House Boat, Acair 2014