Mamta Sagar

Mamta Sagar (c) Roy Sinai

Mamta Sagar (born in Bangalore, India in 1966) is an academic, a poet, a translator and a screenwriter. She writes in Kannada, a language spoken mainly in southern India. Her poems have been translated and published in most Indian languages and many foreign languages. Her most recent book, Hide & Seek was published as a bilingual collection of verse with English translations. Mamta Sagar studied Journalism and Literature and took her PhD with a thesis on Gender, Patriarchy and Resistance: Contemporary Women’s Poetry in Kannada and Hindi (1980–2000). She has taught among other subjects Kannada, Indian Literature, Women’s Writing in India and Gender Studies. She is also an activist for women’s rights and against child labour. She has also been an art and theatre critic for some if India’s main daily newspapers. In 2015 Mamta Sagar was awarded the British Charles Wallace Fellowship.

Publications (selection):
Hide & Seek. Selected Poems. Peakpublish 2014
Illi Salluva Maatu (Words that matter). IBH Prakashana 2010
Rajakumaari Kathe. 2001
Chukki Chukki Chandakki. C.V.G. Publications 1999
Nadiya Neerina Teva. Ila Prakashana 1999
Kaada Navilina Hejje. Akshara Prakashana 1992