Georgi Gospodinov

Georgi Gospodinov (born 1968 in Yambol, Bulgaria) is one of the most translated Bulgarian writers in the post-1989 period. He lives and works in Sofia, writing a regular column for the Bulgarian daily newspaper Dnevnik and editing a literary journal. He has published four volumes of verse and won various literary prizes in Bulgaria. A selection of his poems has been published in German translation in Kleines morgendliches Verbrechen. Gospodinov became internationally known in 1999 primarily for his idiosyncratic, experimental novel Estestven roman (Natural Novel), which has been translated English and German. In 2008 and 2009 Gospodinov was a guest writer in the DAAD Artists in Berlin programme. As well as writing poetry and prose, he is also a successful scriptwiter and playwright.
Publications (selection):
Лапидариум (Lapidarium) (Modus Stojanov 1992)
Чарешата на един народ/Čerešata na edin narod (The Cherry Tree of a People) (Svobodno poetichesko obshtestvo 1996)
Естествен роман/ Estestven roman (Natural Novel) (Izd. Kasta Zanet-45 1999)
И други истории/I drugi istorii (And other Stories) (Izd. Kasta Zanet-45 2001)
Писма до Гаустин/Pisma do Gaustin (Letters to Gaustin) (Izd. Kasta Zanet-45 2003)
Балади и разпади/Baladi i razpadi (Ballads and Maladies) (Izd. Kasta Zanet-45 2007)