Christian Steinbacher

Christian Steinbacher (c) Katharina Roboth

Christian Steinbacher, born in 1960 in Ried in the Inn Rural District (Upper Austria), has earned his living since 1984 as a writer, editor and curator in Linz. As a writer he attracted attention from the beginning with his visual, sonorous and conceptual poetry. Nowadays he makes poems, poetic prose, radio texts (most recently Der Schluck auf der Lücke, ORF 2010) and essays and collaborates with other artists including writer Zsuzsanna Gahse and composer Christoph Herndler. He is a member of the MAERZ artists’ association, looking after its literary agendas. Numerous books published since 1988, most recently the collaborative publication Luftikusse with Trawöger and Mahlknecht in the Edition Krill, 2014. Since 2011 from Czernin Verlag in Vienna: Winkschaden, abgesetzt. Gedichte und Stimmen, 2011; Untersteh dich! Ein Gemenge, Prose, 2012; Tief sind wir gestapelt: Gedichte, 2014. Various awards including Wartholz Literature Prize 2010, Heimrad Bäcker Prize 2013.