Event: Mai 2018

Fri 25/5/18
Thu 31/5/18

19. poesiefestival berlin

Exhibition: Types of Typewriting. Typewritten texts since the 1950s


Concrete Poetry emancipated the typewriter at the end of the 1950s from being just a writing aid to make it into a medium for creating text images. Early work used available typefaces and signs within existing mechanical limits to make poetic reductions, usually in geometric forms. Text images and experiments later became ever more composed or much wilder, sometimes even pure formations of diacritics. Proponents of Concept Art, Minimal Art and Fluxus came to use the medium as well. Today the typewriter is enjoying a comeback in art and literature as an antidote to the impersonal smoothness of the computer.

KOOK.lyrik: Reading by Cia Rinne, Dagmara Kraus and Daniel Falb

30 May | 6 pm
Presenter: Daniela Seel

Daniel Falb, Dagmara Kraus and Cia Rinne synthesise various languages, codes and historical layerings  in their work, operating with minimalist, conceptual and philosophical procedures, thinking poems as graphics and installation. This evening they will be presenting new texts visually and in readings and talking about what drives their poetics. The evening is hosted by Daniela Seel.


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