Event: November 2019

07:30 PM

Sami Poetry

Event-Picture: Sami Poetry Aikio © Jaime Mejía, Sandberg © Lotta Watia, Skåden © Tanya Busse
Aikio © Jaime Mejía, Sandberg © Lotta Watia, Skåden © Tanya Busse

Lection & Talk

with Inger-Mari Aikio (poet, Finland) | Johan Sandberg McGuinne (poet, Sweden) | Sigbjørn Skåden (poet, Norway) | Hosted by Per Bergström (Rámus förlag, Sweden) und Laura Serkosalo (Nuoren Voiman Liitto, Finland)

Lyrikline is celebrating its 20th birthday this year, together with its partners from different countries, who contribute to the large online-archive for international poetry. In October, the Finnish and Swedish partner organizations Nuoren Voiman Liitto and schwedischen Rámus förlag are coming to Berlin.

The Sami are an indigenous poeple with its own culture and language, which belongs to the Uralic languages and is related to the Finno-Ugric langauge family. The Sami live in northern parts of Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Poetry has always been the predominant genre of Sami literature. On this evening, three poets from Sweden, Norway and Finland will read their texts and talk about Sami poetry: Johan Sandberg McGuinne, Sigbjørn Skåden and Inger-Mari Aikio.

The event is a project of the Haus für Poesie in co-operation with the Finnish and Swedish Lyrikline partners Rámus förlag and Nuoren Voiman Liitto, the Finnland-Institut and the Nordische Botschaften. It is presented with the kind support of ECHOO Konferenzdolmetschen.

Haus für Poesie

Knaackstr. 97, 10435 Berlin

Entrance fee:
6/4 €

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