PRISM: Urbanities – CITY & SOCIETY

SAT 14.10.23 | 5pm | Kino in der Kulturbrauerei

Everyday sounds merge into the great sound of the city. Poets reconcile with the past on forays through  hot spots of their districts. We hear a sonnet for a job interview, a summer sonata to a neighborhood, and a poem against a president. In a lament, bodies merge with the architecture of an abandoned bus station. Images from the condensed societies of urban spaces, loving and complicated.

Hosted by Ingrid Beerbaum

The screenings are normally shown in the original with English subtitles. 

Unless stated otherwise, the event languages are German and English. 

Please be aware that several films in some film programs include potentially challenging or disturbing content, which may trigger survivors of trauma.

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R·D: Regie · Director | G·P: Gedicht · Poem | D·P: Dichter · Poet