The Winners of the 4th ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

The Dead (USA 2006)
Direction: Juan Delcán
Poem: „The Dead“ by Billy Collins
ZEBRA – Prize for the Best Poetry Film, donated by the Literaturwerkstatt Berlin

Une leçon particulière (France 2007)
Direction: Raphael Chevenment
Poem: „Vieille Chanson du jeune temps“ by Victor Hugo

Goethe Film Prize, donated by The Goethe-Institute

„Lucía“ (Chile 2007)
Direction: Cristóbal León Dooner, Joaquín Cociña, Niles Atallah

Poem: „Lucía“ von Joaquín Cociña
Literaturwerkstatt Berlin Prize, donatd by Literaturwerkstatt Berlin

Bestiarium (Germany 1989)
Direction: Eku Wand
Poem: „Bestiarium“ by Ernst Jandl
Prize for the Best Poetry Film for children, donated by Cine-Impuls

Silencijum (Croatia 2006)
Direction: Davor Medurecan, Marko Mestrovic
Poem: „Balade“ by Petrice Kerempuha, Miroslav Krleža
Prize by radioeins

Again and again (Myanmar 2005)
Direction: The Maw Naing
Poem: „Slowly towards zero point zero” by The Maw Naing