Filmmakers about the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival


"Super proud to have screened our short "Together" at the Zebra Poetry FF! Well organized and with a friendly and dedicated team, the festival is at the very front line of poetry films in the world. Definitely recommend it." - Marco Espirito Santo, Film und Gedicht: Together

"Excellent festival. Fantastic venue at the KulturBrauerei. Wide ranging programme of films and poetry. A great honour to be selected and to take part in the event. Thank you to all the organisers and behind the scenes people who made this event happen." - Jane Gelnnie, Film und Gedicht: Because Goddess is Never Enough

"I love this festival. The Zebra Poetry Film Festival is in the forefront in terms of film-art and what is important matters in life. It is indescribably good! One's perspectives become really stimulated and I get inspired, moved, and feels the essentials in life itself and our times. The festival is well-organized, and I am so proud that my films ‘I c’, ‘Running Through Life’ and ‘Beyond Words’ have been selected and have been part of Zebra Poetry Film Festival’s program over the years. Thanks!" - Helene Moltke-Leth, Film: I C, Gedicht: Jeg Ser

"I sadly couldn't come to the festival - tickets to Germany are too expensive - but the festival was great at communicating, sharing information, program and update. I wish I could have joined, as it sounds like a fantastic festival, but I am very glad my short spoken words films could be screened. Highly recommended!" - Philippe Talavera, Films and Poems: Be a Man & Be a Lady


"The perfect place that showcases films and poetry all tied in one." - Nausheen Javed, awarded with the Goethe Film Award - Cultures of Equality 2021 for "Them people"

"ZEBRA was very communicative and welcoming right from the start. It was great to be able to attend this event in person and to answer some questions about the film on stage after it had been screened. The whole event seems exceptionally well organised. We will definitely be entering future poetry films to ZEBRA." - filmmaker Ben Jackson, producer of "Squib: When All of This is Over"

"Couldn't be there in person unfortunately. But the festival seemed great, even from afar. I'm very honored that I could be part of it with my poetry film." - filmmaker Claudio Landolt "Nicht die Fülle / nicht Idylle / nicht der Berg - Vorderglärnisch. Bergporträt" (Vorderglaernisch Mountainportait)

"Simply great. Despite the pandemic, they managed to create a festival atmosphere and make everyone feel safe. Great music performances, great jury, beautiful venue." - Anne Isensee, awarded with the ZEBRA Award for the Best Poetry Film 2021 for "Dieser Film heißt aus rechtlichen Gründen Breaking Bert" (Due to legal reasons this Film is called Breaking Bert)

"Great festival! we were honoured to have our film selected to Zebra Poetry Film Festival!"NewBorn Short Film Agency, Dimitris Argyriou, distribution of "Bagatelle"

"Excellent ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival. We are honoured that our film was selected. Big Thank You to the organizers and members of the jury. We recommend this festival and will definitely participate next year." - filmmaker Marta і Tato, Sergiy and Marta Sydoriv, direction: "nach Pasárgada"

"We were so happy to be selected for the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival! Covid restrictions meant that we were unable to travel to Berlin, but that just means we'll have to attend next year :) The festival team members were quick and easy to communicate with, and very professional. We would also like to thank the jury for their kind and inspiring words. Highly recommended this festival!" - filmmaker Graham Kew, collaboration in the direction and production of "Colour Study"

"This is a prestigious, well-run, and eclectic festival. We are honored to be in included." - filmmaker Pamela Falkenberg, Pamela Falkenberg and Jack Cochran, direction: "I Want to Breathe Sweet Air"

"Muffy Drake Productions/Podcast is honored that one of our FilmPoems was selected to the most prestigious Film Poetry festival in the world. The ZEBRA strives to include all voices, including ours. Thank you!" - filmmaker Jim Hall, direction: "requiem for a spoken word" (did not run in the ZEBRA 2021 programme)

"A great festival with a real passion for both poetry and visual art. A very nice atmosphere and a professional team. All my compliments!" - Gabriele Nugara, film "going to Pasàrgada", poem: "nach Pasàrgada" by Odile Kennel