Perspective Russia

Perspective Russia


FR 7.12. | 19.30
Kino in der KulturBrauerei | Room 5

“Pyataya Noga” (the fifth leg) is an idiom that sums up the position of video poetry in Russian culture. Andrei Rodionov und Yekaterina Troepolskaya, later the curators of the festival of the same name, first met in 2006. They married ten years later. In that time the video poetry genre developed from a graphomanic statement to conceptual art. Today many artists are consciously working in this genre. At the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Berlin, “Pyataya Noga” presents Russian poets and film makers who are experimenting with video poetry and shows a selection of their work.

Russian-German interpreting will be available. With kind support from ECHOO Konferenzdolmetschen.

The authors Konstantin Shavlovsky, Inga Shepeleva, Andrey Rodionov, Masha Godovannaya and Roman Osminkin read from their new books.