Films 2010

Poetic Encounters. The 1st Berlin-Tel Aviv Workshop for Poetry & Film

Director: Emanuella Amichai
Poem: Jan Wagner

Director: Joshua Simon
Poem: Daniel Falb

Director: Avi Dabach
Poem: Monika Rinck

The Making of

The results of the German-Israeli workshop, facilitated by the German-Israeli Future Forum Foundation. Three pairs of artists comprising Israeli filmmakers Emanuella Amichai, Avi Dabach and Joshua Simon and German poets Daniel Falb, Monika Rinck and Jan Wagner were working together to produce scripts and create poetry films in six days that were shown in the 5th Zebra Poetry Film Festival.

The ZEBRA-Prize for the best Poetry Film

Der Conny ihr Pony
Robert Pohle, Martin Hentze
Deutschland 2008 dtOmeU Gedicht: Der Conny ihr Pony, Gabriel Vetter

The award of the children jury

About Bigmouse
Constantin Arefiev Russia Gedicht: Ludmila Ulanova.