Photos of th 18. poesiefestival berlin: Europe_ Fata Morgana

Weltklang - Night of poetry

Poetry talk: Sergio Raimondi

Poetry talk: Yasuki Fukushima

drei D poesie

Berlin Poetry Lecture 2017: John Burnside

Poetry talk: M. NourbeSe Philip

A poetic installation: Just a word, Europe

Poetry Talk: Just a word, Europe

Studio Europe

Off the Map. A Talk with Lavinia Greenlaw

Poetry Talk: The Kurdish Language Forbidden Signs

VERSschmuggel/reVERSible: Kurdish-German

Poetry Talk: Mila Haugová

The Spoken

Poetry Talk: James Noe͏̈l

Of which to sing

Poetry Talk: Franz Dodel, Ulrich Schlotmann and Carsten Schneider

Podium diskussion: Poetry and Propaganda

Poetry Market

Sven Ratzke in Concert

Sven Ratzke in Concert