Making sense through nonsense

Zsuzsanna Gahse

Zsuzsanna Gahse

Zsuzsanna Gahse (b.1946 in Budapest) has lived in German-speaking countries since 1956, and currently lives in Müllheim, Switzerland. Her literary output is somewhere between poetry and prose, between narrative and scenic texts. She has published around thirty books as well as stage plays; her third book, Abendgesellschaft was a kind of concert play. Her libretto More than eleven. Commedia for an opera singer, music composed by Alfred Zimmerlin, was premièred in 2014.
She is fundamentally interested in a new view of Commedia dell’arte as well as for collaboration with other artists, such as Christian Steinbacher, Bodo Hell or the fine artist Christoph Rütimann.

Publications (selection):
Siebenundsiebzig Geschwister, Edition Korrespondenzen 2017
Volatile texts: us two, Dalkey Archive Press 2017
Hundertundein Stillleben, drumlin verlag 2016

Italo Svevo Prize 2017
Werner Bergengruen Prize 2017

Wolfgang Helmhart

Wolfgang Helmhart

Wolfgang Helmhart (b. 1963 in Wels, Upper Austria) lives in Vienna and other places and publishes works of concrete and visual poetry, in which he experiments with language filters and rhythmic and metrical concepts in prose and poetry, with performance, sound, poetry, radio and video formats collaborating with each other. He has been a member of the Graz writers’ group GAV since 2003 and a member of the MAERZ artists’ group since 2016.                             

Publications (selection):
Zwizwa. Reproduktion als Konfusion zwischen Wahrnehmung und Kommunikation, Das fröhliche Wohnzimmer 2002
Selbstbeschreibungen, Das fröhliche Wohnzimmer 2010
Peephole is a word with a pig’s snout, Das fröhliche Wohnzimmer 2013

Sandra Hubinger

Sandra Hubinger

Sandra Hubinger (b. in Upper Austria) studied German Literature and History in Salzburg and Language Art at the Vienna University of Applied Art. She has had various residencies in the UK and France  and has lived and worked in Vienna since 2004. She writes poetry, prose and theatrical texts and has published poems and short prose in literary magazines and anthologies. Her short plays were performed at the Short Theatre Festivals in Salzburg and Vienna in 2013.

Kaum Gewicht und Rückenwind, Edition Art Science 2016

Third Prize in the Feldkirch Poetry Prize 2013

Florian Neuner

Florian Neuner (b. 1972 in Wels, Upper Austria) lives in Berlin a co-edits with Ralph Klever the magazine Idiome. Hefte für Neue Prosa, which is dedicated to advanced prose beyond narrative clichés. He is a member of the MAERZ artists’ group in Linz where he curates the series maerz_sprachkunst. He developed his instruments for “literary urban research” in the Ruhr region. His publications focus on new music. He has collaborated with composers such as Christoph Herndler and Harald Muenz. In 2017 he was awarded the Ahrenshoop Art Prize. He is currently engaged in socialist urban utopias between Eisenhüttenstadt and Pjongyang.

Zitat Ende. Prosa, Ritter Verlag 2007
Ruhrtext. Eine Revierlektüre, Klever Verlag 2010
Moor (oder Moos), Verlag Peter Engstler 2013
Inseltexte, Klever Verlag 2014
Drei Tote, Verlag Peter Engstler 2017

Christian Steinbacher

Christian Steinbacher © Otto Saxinger

Christian Steinbacher (b. 1960 in Ried im Innkreis, Upper Austria) has lived and worked in Linz since 1984 and is a writer, editor and curator. His writing career began with visual and concept literature. Today he mainly concentrates on poems and poetic prose, but also writes listening texts. He collaborates frequently with other artists, such as writer Zsuzsanna Gahse or composer Christoph Herndler. He is a member of the MAERZ artists’ group, for which he curated its literature programme until 2016 (incl. linzer notate, Festival Für die Beweglichkeit).

Publications (Selection):
Tief sind wir gestapelt: Gedichte, Czernin Verlag, 2014
Gräser im Wind: ein Abgleich, Czernin Verlag 2017

Wartholz Literature Prize 2010
Heimrad Bäcker Prize 2013