Event: June 2016

07:00 PM

17th poesiefestival berlin

VERSschmuggel / reVERSible: Languages of South Asia – German

Event-Picture: VERSschmuggel / reVERSible: Languages of South Asia – German Judith Zander (c) Yawan Rai
Judith Zander (c) Yawan Rai


Reading with poets Sajjad Sharif BGD and Hendrik Jackson GER | Amar Sindhu PAK and Daniela Danz GER | Mamta Sagar IND and Orsolya Kalász HUN/ GER | Rajendra Bhandari IND and Judith Zander GER
introduced by: Nicolai Kobus DEU author

Poets Translating Poets – VERSschmuggel / reVERSible South Asia is the first translation project of its kind. Around fifty poets in eighteen languages are taking part. Organised by the Goethe Institute Mumbai in co-operation with the Literaturwerkstatt Berlin/Haus für Poesie seventeen German-speaking poets have met fellow poets from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to translate each other’s texts into their own languages in workshops together.
Four of these pairs of poets will be presenting their “smuggled” verse and at the same time providing a vivid impression of the diversity of languages in South Asia. Sajjad Sharif writes his poems in Bengali, Pakistani poet Amar Sindhu writes in Sindhi and Mamta Sagar in Kannada, from the Dravidic family of languages, which is predominantly spoken in southern India. The work on the translations will allow the audience to experience not only the diversity of regional languages and scripts with their sounds, but also the very different themes and traditions which characterise contemporary poetry there.

The event as part of the 17th poesiefestival berlin is the start of a reading tour throughout Germany by thirty of the poets involved in the Poets Translating Poets – VERSschmuggel / reVERSible South Asia project.


Project leader: Axel Schock

Academy of Arts
Kl. Parkett

Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin

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