Artists 2016: Blow wind blow - An evening with Caroline Bergvall

Caroline Bergvall

Caroline Bergvall (c) Tom Martin

Caroline Bergvall (born in Hamburg in 1962 of French and Norwegian parents) is one of the most highly-regarded contemporary conceptual poets. Her mutlilingual works, often created in collaboration with other artists, blur the boundaries between poetry, installation, performance and translation. Poet Charles Bernstein has described her work as a feast for the eyes, the ears and the mind. In books such as Drift or Meddle English she explores the fault lines between different languages and the fractures in the stages of development within a single language. Her texts experiment with cut-up and fold-in techniques and draw on such different artists as Chaucer, Marcel Proust, Unica Zürn and Dante Alighieri.
Bergvall was the Director of Performance Writing at Darlington College of Arts, and also taught at the University of Cardiff and at Bard College. He work has been shown in such venues as the Museum of Modern Art, the Serpentine Galleries and the Tate Modern. She has lived in the UK since 1989.

Publications (selection):
Drift. Nightboat Books 2014
Meddle English. Nightboat Books 2011
Middling English. John Hansard Gallery 2010
Fig: Goan Atom 2. Salt 2005