Event: June 2015

09:00 PM

16. poesiefestival berlin

What is there to laugh about? Comic poetry – poetic comedy

Event-Picture: What is there to laugh about? Comic poetry – poetic comedy F.W. Bernstein (c) Verlag Antje Kunstmann
F.W. Bernstein (c) Verlag Antje Kunstmann

Lection & Talk

With F. W. Bernstein (writer and illustrator, Berlin), Thomas Gsella (writer, Aschaffenburg), Steffen Jacobs (writer, Berlin)
Moderation: Christian Maintz (writer, Hamburg)

German poetry is often thought of as being particularly serious, elegiac and formal; is it permitted in spite of that – or even for that reason – to laugh about German poems? After all, there are poets such as Busch, Morgenstern, Ringelnatz and Gernhardt who represent a playful and ironic counter-tradition; Morgenstern has described poems of this school fittingly as “light and fast”. The evening gathers together a high-quality round-up of comic poets reading their own texts and talking about their understanding of literature and comedy. And the audience take note –laughter is allowed!

With the kind support of The Mandala Hotel
Curated by: Christian Maintz. Project leader: Bettina Henningsen

Academy of Arts

Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin

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6/4 EUR

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