Event: June 2014

05:00 PM

Poets' Corner: Neukölln

Event-Picture: Poets' Corner: Neukölln Pedro Sena-Lino  Foto: Bianca Luz Pulido
Pedro Sena-Lino Foto: Bianca Luz Pulido


With Catherine Hales, Éric Sarner, Pedro Sena-Lino, Donna Stonecipher, Érica Zingano Music: Aurélie Maurin und Pedro Sena-Lino Moderation: Aurélie Maurin

“Poets’ Corner” – originally an idea of the Berlin-based poets Björn Kuhligk and Jan Wagner – is happening for the eighth time. Poets conquer the suburbs of the city. They bring the art form of poetry into public spaces and make themselves accessible to the inhabitants of the whole of Berlin – poetic pleasure for passersby and visitors alike.

Kindly supported by: Bezirksamt Neukölln, Berlin, Fachbereich Kultur

In front of the Kreativraum of the gallery in Körnerpark.
In the case of inclement weather, inside the gallery in Körnerpark.

Schierker Straße 8, 12051 Berlin

Entrance fee:
Eintritt frei