Artists – poesía experimental

J. M. Calleja

J. M. Calleja (born 1952 in Mataró, Spain) is a poet from the group of Visual Poetry and performance Artists. Between 1976 and 1981 he produced many experimental films, and since then his poetical works have been based on a concern with the world of images. His experimental and visual poetry works have been featured in various national and international events and festivals, and he has also organised several mail-art projects, in which he also participated as an artist. Calleja has published his work in numerous anthologies and journals, as well as several collections. As well as working as an artist, Calleja also organises and curates many different cultural events.  
Publications (a selection):
Fragments. Universidad de Cantabria, 2009.
Pets. Redfoxpress, 2009. Transbord. Arola Editors, 2006.
Desfilada. Papers reciclats, 2003.
Alfàbia. Arola Editors, 2000.  

J.M.CALLEJA à Lodève

Bartolomé Ferrando

Bartolomé Ferrando (born 1951 in Valencia, Spain) is one of the most important practitioners of experimental art from Spain. His work with visual and concreete poetry has been shown world-wide and he has participated in many festivals. He is a member of the groups Flatus Vocis Trio, Taller de Música Mundana and Rojo. All these groups have made it their task to continue the development of creative practices between music, poetry and action art. Ferrando is a founder of the magazine Texto Poético. He is also the editor of the magazines Doc(k)s, Inter, Texturas and Boca de Incendio, co-organiser of the Asociación de Nuevos Comportamientos Artisticós and an essayist. In addition to his work as an artist, Ferrando also teaches performance and inter-media art at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Valencia Polytechnic University. Ferrando himself studied music and Spanish philology.    
Publications (a selection):
Jocs. Poesia visual. Editorial Rialla, 2006.
Latidos. Huerga y Fierro editores, 2006.
Propostes Poétiques. Editorial Rialla, 2002.
Trazos (poesía discursiva). Editorial Rialla, 2000.  
numerous recordings on MC, LP and CD
several videos and DVDs of his performances  

bartomeu ferrando - sintaxi (festival PROPOSTA 2000)

Esther Ferrer

Esther Ferrer (born 1937 in San Sebastian, Spain) lives and works in Paris. A multi-faceted poet and performance artist, she has participated in numerous festivals from Korea to Brazil, and her photographs, pictures and installations are exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world.
In the early 1960s, Ferrer founded the group Taller de Libre Expresión with the painter José Antonio Sistiaga and was a member of the group ZAJ. Working in this group greatly influenced Ferrer’s art; a great many projects were born in this period, and she turned to performance art. At the core of her artistic work is the human body, its vicissitudes and its role in the social space. Ferrer is especially fond of doing her performances in public places. She uses partly natural materials for her works, and by emphasising the transitoriness of her art she expands the possibilities for interpreting it. Indeed, some of the works she created from bamboo in the 1960s and 70s are now damaged or have even been completely destroyed by environmental influences. Esther Ferrer represented Spain at the Venice Biennial in 1999. She has received numerous awards for her work, including most recently the 2008 Premio Nacional de Las Artes awarded by the Spanish Ministry for Cultural Affairs.  


Eugen Gomringer

Eugen Gomringer (born in Bolivia in 1925) is one of the ‘fathers’ of Concrete Poetry. His text ‘vom vers zur konstellation’ (from verse to constellation) is, together with the manifesto by the Brazilian Noigrandes group of writers, the founding document of this literature. His poems have been published all over the world and are a firmly-established fixture in school textbooks. In 1953, together with Dieter Roth and Marcel Wyss, Gomringer founded the magazine Spirale and from 1960 to 1965 he edited the konkrete poesie – poesia concreta series of books. He has been a member of the Academy of the Arts since 1971. In 2000, he founded the Institute for Constructive Art and Concrete Poetry (IKKP) in Rehau in Upper Franconia, where he now lives. As well as numerous essays and other texts, Gomringer has published poems in German, Spanish, French, English and Swiss-German.
His most recent publications have not, however, been concrete poetry but ‘eines sommers sonette‘ (‚one summer’s sonnets‘) and ‘der sonette gezeiten’ (‘seasons of the sonnets’) (2008 and 2009 from Edition Signathur). He has been awarded the Rehau Culture Prize, the Bavarian Order of merit and 1st prize in the poetry competition of the Sider Rilke Festival. In January of this year he received the Alice Salomon Poetics Prize.  
Publications (most recent):
quadrate aller länder (Part 4 of the Works published by Edition Splitter, Vienna 2006)
eines sommers sonette. Dozwil 2008
der sonette gezeiten. Dozwil 2009  

Eugen Gomringer at Poesiefestival

Jörg Piringer

Jörg Piringer © gezett

Jörg Piringer (b. 1974 in Vienna) works as a freelance artist and scholar in the areas of electronic music, radio art, sound poetry, visual poetry, interactive collaborative systems, online communities, performance, sound installation, computer games, video art and poetic software. He is also a co-founder and member of the Institute for Transacoustic Research and the Vegetable Orchestra and teaches at the School for Poetry in Vienna. Piringer works in the gaps between language art, music, performance and poetic software. His work comes out of involvement with language in its smallest units, letters and sounds. He has described it in an interview: “They are probably the same motives that lead physicists to get involved with elementary particles – I want to find out something about what my world is made of”.

Publications (selection):

Datenpoesie, Ritter Verlag 2018

Triggerwarnung. Hörspiel, berliner hörspielfestival 2018 und SRF 2018

tractatus infinitus für iOS, 2016

tiny poems, app für iOS und Apple Watch, 2015

jörg piringer - frikativ [fragments] @ ReVox I (barcelona, may 2009)